What is a business branding photography session?

Business branding photography sessions are a necessary thing in today's world. Most all of business' marketing has entered the digital world of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, websites, LinkedIn and other social media and digital platforms.

Quite frankly, people buy from who they like and who they trust. As small business owners and entrepreneurs, you tend to be the face of your business and therefore, people will buy from you or partner with you if they like and trust you. This is where professional branding imagery comes in to play.

Have you ever been scrolling through someone's feed or website and some of the images make you cringe? Horrible lighting or angles or an extremely unrealistic filter? Would that make you more or less likely to get to know them and their business brand?

Professional business branding sessions give you a variety of images to use for your social media and website. I spend the first portion of our session getting to know you and your brand. How would you describe your business? Do you want bold, colorful images? Are you more a light and airy gal? Would you rather all black and white? Or muted tones? How about a film quality to your images? All of these do wonders for keeping your brand consistent. If you aren't consistent in what you post on social media, will your client be confident in hiring you to produce something similar to what they see in your images?

During your session, we will take new headshots if you need those for your website or publications. We will take fun, lifestyle images with your coffee if you're a coffee drinker or with your best working buddy. The dog, cat, lizard, family are more than welcome to join in! Anything that helps make you, you would be great to include. If you sell a product, we will take a lot of photos in different environments or maybe even a holiday theme. My goal is to give you a wide variety of images that you can use year round to promote your business.

If you are an adventure business, we can go on a hike or mountain bike or rock climb to capture your images. If you are a corporate leader, we can use your office or a modern area downtown. If you're an artist, we can go explore RiNo or the Santa Fe Arts District for your images.

The possibilities for your branding session are endless. Let's brainstorm some ideas together! Use the contact button to reach out! Look forward to hearing from you. ~Mariah

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